Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool

This easy tool, adapted from the ADA, can help you determine your patient’s risk for diabetes. Under each section, identify your patient’s criteria and assign the related number. Total the numbers to determine the risk level as defined under the Score section.


  • <40 years of age: 0 point
  • 40-49 years of age: 1 point
  • 50-59 years of age: 2 points
  • >59 years of age: 3 points


  • Female: 0 point
  • Female with history of gestational diabetes: 1 poin
  • Male: 1 point

Family history of T2DM in first degree relative

  • No family history: 0 point
  • Family history: 1 point


  • No: 0 point
  • Yes: 1 point

Physically active

  • Yes: 0 point
  • No: 1 point


  • <25: 0 point
  • 25-29.99: 1 point
  • 30-39.99: 2 points
  • >40: 3 points


  • 0-4: Low Risk for having T2DM
  • 5-10: High Risk for having T2DM

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