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Select Health Alliance

Select Health Alliance is supported by Crimson Continuum of Care, an IT infrastructure that allows physicians to evaluate their clinical, inpatient and hospital outpatient performance.

Crimson utilizes both hospital inpatient/outpatient data and clinical claims data to aggregate and analyze clinical performance. With integrated hospital and ambulatory data, physicians can view and analyze a patient’s complete continuum of care. This insight and knowledge inevitably allows for a higher level of patient care.

Ambulatory Data

Crimson ambulatory data is gathered from each practice individually. Practices who submit claims electronically will need to code Code CPT II codes for quality and include them on the claim. Crimson is working on a reporting solution for practices who submit PQRS data via a registry.

Technical Implementation

Crimson’s Continuum of Care technical implementation is very simple and easy. No heavy or expensive hardware; no lingering software installs; and no technically invasive requirements of your practice systems. All that’s needed is the 837 claims data from your practice management or billing software system. We have experience gathering data from multiple systems as well as working with billing companies and other third parties.

All that’s needed is your time. SHA specialists will come to your practice and complete the implementation in as little as an hour.

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