Reasons to join Select Health Alliance

A better way to practice medicine.
Select Health Alliance

Select Health Alliance (SHA) is a physician-led clinically integrated network, started in 2012 to improve clinical quality, reduce cost and waste in the current delivery of care to maintain margins, and sustain the independence of physicians. SHA positions its providers to take on higher levels of accountability to effectively manage utilization and the health of our Mid-South population. Our initiatives provide measurable results used to evaluate physician performance, which results in concrete remediation and fosters interdependence among providers, enabling them to achieve higher quality and greater cost-effectiveness than they can accomplish on their own. Our model of clinical integration also allows us to approach health plans as a collective in a legal and appropriate manner.

Access To Data

  • Track evidence-based measures through Crimson
  • Cross-continuum approach
  • Quick implementation of tracking technology
  • Data transparency

Patient Care

  • Minimize redundancies of care
  • Improve care coordination
  • Improve patient outcomes

Joint Contracting

  • Economic benefit
  • Commercial payers
  • Self-funded employers

No Cost

  • No capitalization
  • No annual fee
  • Active participation


Why Join SHA?

How can clinical integration benefit my practice and help me maintain my independence? Learn about the benefits of joining Select Health Alliance.

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Clinical Integration Benefits Physicians

Learn more about the Clinical Integration model Select Health Alliance is using to create a truly physician-led network that collaborates to reduce inefficiency and improve overall patient care.

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