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Joining Select Health Alliance

How can I join Select Health Alliance?

Physicians wishing to participate should complete an enrollment packet. Don’t have one? Request one today.

Is there a fee to join Select Health Alliance?

No, there is no fee to join Select Health Alliance.

Is Select Health Alliance physician lead?

Yes. Select Health Alliance (SHA) is a physician-led, clinically integrated organization. To learn more SHA, visit our About Us page.

Physician/Patient Relations

How will Select Health Alliance help my patients?

Patients gain access to high quality, integrated, comprehensive healthcare services and Baptist facilities. Patients will also be able to improve overall health and better understand and manage medical conditions through effective coordinated care that is specifically designed to keep you healthy. Patients will benefit from reduced health expenses through efforts to eliminate healthcare redundancy, prescribing generic medications when available, offering after hours urgent care, and a host of other efforts that SHA is implementing. Our innovative population health management approach will help patients get the best and most appropriate level of care they need, help you meet your health goals to stay healthy and give you a constant health care advocate that will ensure that you know how to stay healthy. Finally, the physicians that participate in SHA are committed to a higher quality of care standard that will ultimately improve the health of the Mid-South.

Will Select Health Alliance get in the way of my care?

No. Select health alliance will not tell you how to care for your patients. SHA will only require you to adhere to the most successful best practices in medicine.

What hospitals will I be able to refer my patients to?

In the event that your patient requires hospital care, they will have access to the Baptist Hospital network of facilities.

Clinical Integration

Will Clinical Integration require me to place my fees at risk?
Does CI mean that I will be able to negotiate with other physicians in the CI program for better rates from health plans?

Through the Select Health Alliance, LLC, contracts can be negotiated to recognize the value of higher quality and greater efficiency.

Does this mean that CI will guarantee better contracts for Select Health Alliance physicians?

No guarantees; however, national experience has been very positive, and many Fee-For-Service payers have expressed interest in CI programs.

What will I and other physicians need to do to participate?
  • Sign a Physician Participation Agreement
  • Share ambulatory data with Select Health Alliance
  • Be accountable for compliance with Select Health Alliance policies and procedures.

Clinical Integration Benefits Physicians

Learn more about the Clinical Integration model Select Health Alliance is using to create a truly physician-led network that collaborates to reduce inefficiency and improve overall patient care.

Why Join SHA?

How can clinical integration benefit my practice and help me maintain my independence? Learn about the benefits of joining Select Health Alliance.

Still Have a Question?

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Interested in Select Health Alliance?

Physicians wishing to participate should complete an enrollment packet. Don’t have one?

Request one!