Physician Clinical Integration

Clinical Integration (CI) aligns patients, providers, and hospitals in a way that offers greater access to care, higher clinical quality, and long-term cost control. Physicians and hospitals have the ability to thrive in a competitive health care market on the basis of quality care, not unit cost alone.
Select Health Alliance

How it will Work

Select Health Alliance will combine hospital data with ambulatory data to help physicians monitor and manage their performance. We will accept multiple means of data submission and apply custom data inputs, initiative guidelines, and performance benchmarks. Physicians will be able to access and track their own performance and parse patient data and aggregate data.

What Clinical Integration Is

Clinical integration with Select Health Alliance is a program developed and managed by physicians, to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. It is a network of physicians (independent and employed) who can collectively negotiate with payers and health plans.

Clinical Integration is Not

Clinical integration with Select Health Alliance is not physician employment, capitation, or a program led by Baptist Memorial Health Care.

Clinical Integration Goals

  • Reduce unnecessary utilization, improve efficiency, and control the cost of care
  • Enable joint contracting with payers and health plans based upon demonstrated ability to improve performance, with financial incentives for continued improvement
  • Align financial incentives for all those involved in health care delivery
  • Ensure that program initiatives are designed to achieve likely improvements in health care quality and efficiency

Benefits of Clinical Integration for Physicians

  • Access to coordinated infrastructure
  • Access to business intelligence information technology
  • Data visibility across full continuum of care
  • Enhanced community impact
  • Potential for enhanced reimbursement


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Clinical Integration Benefits Physicians

Learn more about the Clinical Integration model Select Health Alliance is using to create a truly physician-led network that collaborates to reduce inefficiency and improve overall patient care.

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