Select Health Alliance Patient FAQs

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What is Select Health Alliance?

Select Health Alliance is a network of nearly 1,000 physicians in the Metro Memphis area who have joined together to provide better, lower cost health care for patients.

Is Select Health Alliance my health insurance company?

No. Select Health Alliance is not your insurance company. It is a network of providers available through certain insurance plans.

What is a physician network?

A physician network is a physician-led group committed to collaboration and sharing of information so that patients get the best care possible with the fewest unnecessary costs.

How can I see what doctors are in the network?
Take a look at our provider search to see all of our participating providers and their specialties. If you would like for your doctor to participate reach out to us and we will contact your doctor.
How will I benefit from Select Health Alliance?

Patients gain access to high quality, integrated, comprehensive healthcare services and Baptist facilities. Patients will also be able to improve overall health and better understand and manage medical conditions through effective coordinated care that is specifically designed to keep you healthy. Patients will benefit from reduced health expenses through efforts to eliminate healthcare redundancy, prescribing generic medications when available, offering after hours urgent care, and a host of other efforts that SHA is implementing. Our innovative population health management approach will help patients get the best and most appropriate level of care they need, help you meet your goals to stay healthy. Finally, the physicians that participate in SHA are committed to a higher quality of care standard that will ultimately improve the health of the Mid-South.

Will my current physician relationship be disrupted?

Select Health Alliance is limited to participating physicians only. However, SHA is a non-exclusive network, and as a result, all local physicians who meet the membership criteria are invited to participate, therefore providing the greatest opportunity for NO DISRUPTION to existing doctor/patient relationships.

What is the difference between an ACO and clinical integration?

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is the label given to those networks of providers chosen to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Plan (MSSP). The federal antitrust agencies have expressed the opinion that an ACO is a Clinically Integrated Network. It is important to note, however, that the MSSP requires ACO participants to accept financial risk for the cost of care of their patients receive, while a CIN generally does not. Rather, a CIN seeks to create, and be rewarded for, value as measured in improved access, clinical outcomes, and efficiencies across the continuum of care. In contrast, all ACOs that participate in the MSSP after the initial three-year period must agree that, if the ACO fails to generate savings for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services when caring for Medicare beneficiaries, the ACO and its participants will be financially liable for the excess costs above the ACO’s expense target.

In addition, clinical integration forces doctors to look critically at how we practice; finding ways to more efficiently and effectively improve patient care. Participation is voluntary but each physician must agree to work collaboratively with the other professionals in the network on a comprehensive program for each person under their care.

How will this affect me financially?

We offer the highest quality of care for what your health plan allows. There are no additional fees for the patient outside of normal copays and other plan benefit fees.

What if I have to go out of network for care?

In the event that you or a beneficiary has to go out of network for care, you will be given access to your plan’s broader network of physicians. Additional fees may apply depending on your employer’s plan benefits.

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With nearly 1,000 physicians and health care providers throughout the Mid-South, including Tennessee and Mississippi, Select Health Alliance makes it easy to find quality primary and specialist care close to home.


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