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I’m a broker and I have a question about Select Health Alliance. Who can I contact?

If you have a question about how SHA affects brokers, please contact us directly.


What does Select Health Alliance mean for employers?
Select Health Alliance means better quality, better care coordination and better care for your employees. This will help them get back to work faster after an injury and keep them healthy if they have illness. This will ultimately help employers get better value from employees and increase bottom line.
What facilities will my employees go to?

Select Health Alliance is a partnership with Baptist Memorial Healthcare to keep your patients healthy. In the event that your employee requires care they will have access to the Baptist Hospital network of facilities.

How will Select Health Alliance Reduce Costs to my company?

Through SHA’s quality efforts your employees will get more bang for their buck. Not only will SHA incorporate the correct practices to get your employees to the right level of care at the right time, SHA will also take the preventative measures to keep your employees out of the hospital and work to keep them healthy to avoid hospitalizations and medical episodes.

How with Select Health Alliance reduce my business’ health care costs?

Select Health Alliance will get your employees to the right level of care at the right time. This will reduce costs associated with unnecessary care and unnecessary tests.

What is Coordination of Care?

Coordination of care is the intentional organizing of patient care to achieve safer and more effective care.

Through our coordination of care efforts we employ an innovative method of patient care that is unprecedented. Through those efforts we identify savings opportunities for patients with chronic conditions. We also implement medication practices to keep costs at a minimum. These efforts will result in lower costs for patients with certain chronic diseases.

Through our research we have discovered that it’s best to keep patients from reaching later stages of disease. Our innovative patient care model not only identifies at risk patients but also works to keep the healthy patients through actively engaging them with real people to coordinate their care.

What types of quality measures will Select Health Alliance employ?
Reduction in length of stay, generic prescribing, Emergency Department utilization and a host of other initiatives as the market sees fit.
What is the benefit of a CI network?

Clinical Integrations networks are designed to keep healthcare costs controlled while maintaining the highest level of care. This involves innovative technology, the best local doctors, the latest clinical practices and best local facilities. This helps us keep our quality high and costs controlled for your employees and your business.

Through CI, our collaborative efforts with physicians will ensure that changes for healthier populations and best practices are a widespread goal. Collaboration will also boost efforts to make those goals are permanent.

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