Select Health Alliance Leadership Committees

Reducing costs by eliminating redundancy, improving efficiency, and developing best practices for managing chronic diseases is at the heart of Select Health Alliance. Our leadership committees are designed to monitor and evaluate our progress on all of these issues.

Quality Committee

The SHA Quality Committee reviews, implements and monitors quality initiatives that make patient care more efficient, reduce costs, and provide positive econmomic impact for health care in the Mid-South.

Payer Relations and Incentives (PRI)

The SHA PRI Committee is composed of four (4) practicing physicians representing primary care, medical, surgical and hospital-based specialties named and approved by the SHA’s board of directors. Members must belong to a practice that is participating in the SHA. The number of committee members can change from time to time based on network growth. The PRI Committee may also include additional, non-physician participants, but these individuals shall serve only in an advisory capacity and shall not have the right to vote or make motions.

Performance Evaluation Improvement and Remediation (PEIR)

The SHA PEIR Committee works collaboratively to monitor and evaluate the ongoing clinical performance for SHA member physicians and to provide support, counsel and accountability for member physicians whose clinical outcomes are not meeting SHA standards.

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