Ad Hoc Committees

The SHA Ad Hoc committees focus on specific issues critical to the overall SHA mission. They also offer the flexibility to adapt as critical new issues arise.

Disease Management

Collaborating on better management of chronically ill patients to improve their health status.

Generic Prescribing

Prescribing appropriate generic medications for four drug types:

  • Antihypertensives
  • Ulcer Drugs
  • Antidepressives
  • Antihyperlipidemics

High ED Utilization

Reducing the number of visits by frequent Emergency Department utilizers by providing better access to non-emergency care.

High-Tech Radiology

Ordering high-tech radiology diagnostic tests to achieve the desired results while minimizing the patient’s unnecessary exposure to radiation and duplicate tests.

Find a Doctor

With nearly 1,000 physicians and health care providers throughout the Mid-South, including Tennessee and Mississippi, Select Health Alliance makes it easy to find quality primary and specialist care close to home.


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